Top 10 Benefits of Reading Books

You must have heard that if you wish to be rich start, reading books, as there are many benefits of reading books. You may think that how someone can become rich by just reading books.

We all have read a plethora of books during our school and college days but we are still struggling in our lives .If we start reading books then what miracle would happen that we become rich.

If you think that, you will become rich the next day of reading books then wake up and stop dreaming! This is not going to happen. What I mean is that if you read books or make books reading your habits, you will experience positive changes in your lives, you can think in a better and different way in comparison to other people and you know well an idea can change your life.

Top 10 Benefits of Reading Books

There are many benefits of reading books and if you implement them religiously in your life then your life can change for good. We are going to share with you ten benefits of reading books

1. Leaders are Readers: Most of us do not know that leaders are readers. They devote considerable time in reading books as for them, books are the primary source of gaining knowledge and exploring different aspects of life. They take free time necessarily from their busy schedule to spend time with books and it is part of their daily schedule.

We have numerous examples of billionaire leaders who spend extensive time reading books. For instance, Warren Buffet, one of the top billionaires, reads 400-500 pages daily. Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, reads almost a book a week. They know how important reading is for gaining knowledge.

2. Mental Exercise: When you read a book, you are exercising your brain. Reading has the same benefits to mind what benefits exercise has to the body. Many prominent researchers across the globe suggest that reading daily stimulates brain activities, which may preserve memory.

 Many people just focus on body exercise and neglect mental exercise, which is equally important. For proper physical and mental health, start reading books along with exercising. In the long run, you are sure to get benefitted from inculcating reading in your daily life.

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body- Joseph Addison”

3. Own Teacher: Have you ever thought how you can become your own teacher? How you can teach new things to yourself. Imagine what amazing things you can learn in life once you become your own teacher.

You are science students but you are curious about finance. You can read books on Finance like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and many more books on finance. If you are a reader, you can satiate your curiosity by reading books on finance. Likewise, you can teach yourself any subject via reading books.

You have an ocean of things to learn once you become your own teacher. You can master things at your own speed without depending on anyone. Reading books make you your own teacher

“The Man Who Does Not Read Has No Advantage Over the Man Who Cannot Read – Mark Twain”

4. Strong Vocabulary: You find your vocabulary is not upto the mark. Sometimes you wish to have a vocabulary of similar to your classmate’s/colleague’s. You tried all ways of improving vocabulary but failed.

If you want to improve your vocabulary, try reading books. You will certainly ameliorate your vocabulary. When you read books on different topics you encounter words of different fields which improves your vocabulary.

You must have heard about Shashi Tharoor who is famous for his vocabulary. He gives credit to reading books for his outstanding vocabulary and says, “Extensive reading is the only way that makes anyone acquire strong vocabulary.”

So if you wish to improve your vocabulary, inculcate the habit of reading books. God knows you may develop better vocabulary than Shashi Tharoor’s.

5. Build Extensive Knowledge: You get enormous knowledge through reading books. Knowledge gained from reading books is incomparable to other methods of gaining knowledge like watching videos on the same topic.

Generally, authors write books after extensive research in a particular topic. And if you are reading best sellers books then it is read by millions of readers which is proof that this book is full of knowledge.

A person who reads books regularly is more knowledgeable in comparison to other persons who do not read. When you read books on different topics regularly your knowledge exponentially increases. This put you many steps ahead of others

 Remember, knowledge is a new currency you can become a billionaire by implementing ideas that come during your reading session.

6. Better Writing Skills: There is a direct correlation between reading and writing. Reading not only betters your knowledge but also improves your writing skills. When you read books on different genres. Authors’ writing style sub-consciously registers in your mind and when you write, you know different styles of writing.

Also, it is obvious that a person who has better knowledge, vocabulary, thinking ability and sentence structure owing to reading books will outperform others who do not read extensively in writing.

7. Best Hobby: If you do not have any hobby or you are considering developing a new hobby then you can adopt reading as a hobby. Just imagine at the age of 70 when you are not that active and strong and then if you have hobby of playing football or any other sports you may not peruse that but if your hobby is reading just imagine how much time you will have for reading.Additionally, you don’t need to put extra efforts in reading books.

8. See The World From Different Perspective: Reading not only improves knowledge but also provides you with a different perspective to see the world. When you read books, you have thousands of ideas of the authors in your mind. These ideas provide you a new way of seeing the world.

You have read numerous books which help in formulating different ideas and you can think of an idea which is not thought of earlier by anyone. Take the example of Elon Musk, he reads enormously and therefore, came up with out of the box ideas of changing the world through his ventures Tesla, Hyperloop and many more ideas.

9. Strengthen Imagination: Reading not only improves knowledge but also strengthens imagination. When you reads books you have thousands of ideas that authors discuss in books and when you apply your ideas on those your imagination power strengthens.

This is the main factor the rich prefer to read books. They want to get new ideas which they can apply in their business. For instance, Elon Musk, during his childhood used to read hundreds of books. He envisages the idea of Hyperloop transportation technologies  a superfast transportation method by which we can travel at a higher speed than existing transportation systems.

10. Best form of Entertainment: At present era where most people stick to TV, social media or other unproductive means of entertainment. You can opt for reading to expand your knowledge and pass time. In fact, reading is deemed one of the most effective ways of entertainment. You not only spend time with pleasure but also gain enormous knowledge.

Just think about others who watch movies and get nothing from it. You can read an autobiography which is not only interesting but also teaches you different and new life lessons. You can apply those lessons in your life and can improve your life.

So next time if you are feeling bored and have nothing to do, don’t grab a remote of the TV. You know how you can spend time judiciously.

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